Imlaes, the Immortal Realm

The Gods

What would an immortal realm be without gods? Hundreds of thousands of gods exist and live in the Realm of Imlaes. Ruling over them all is the Immortal Circle, thirteen of the highest gods who meet to discuss the state of their Realm and the Realm of Mortals. The Circle is worshiped throughout Dalnaes, even among lesser beings. However, there are a few who hear the call of Chaos and yearn to answer.

The Gods of the Immortal Circle


Alignments: Lawful Good, Good

Also known as the Immortal Lord, Malorel is the god of Dreams and Life. Though his servants and creations call themselves ‘gods’ and ‘immortals’, he is the only true god. His eternal essence resounds within all creations. It is he who determined in the beginning of time to create a prison for Chaos, his primal foe, and form a Realm constructed of his own energy combined with that of Chaos. With the aid of his Seven Dreams, the Mortal Realm was created and mortality was born. Because of his great power, Malorel cannot appear in Dalnaes except in the dreams of mortals. Worshipers of Malorel should remember to:

  • revere and honor all life
  • respect the dreams of other beings
  • cherish and nurture their own dreams


Alignments: Lawful Unaligned, Unaligned, Chaotic Unaligned

The first goddess born of Malorel’s dreams, the Goddess of Time manifested out of his need for order, rather than as a planned construct like the Seven Dreams were. She controls the force of time itself, and in her presence time bends to suit her mood. Tempasera does not speak; rather, she communicates by sending flashes of events in time to the minds of those she wishes to speak to. Through these Time Visions, her will is delivered to her followers. Among her children are Divina, the Seasons, and the Fated Ones. Tempasera wishes her followers to:

  • be sensitive to the rhythm of Time and alert to its changes
  • fight against those who would twist Time’s natural path
  • ?


Alignments: Lawful Good, Good, Lawful Unaligned

The Goddess of Light, Ritanya is the embodiment of glory and radiance.


Alignments: Unaligned, Chaotic Unaligned






Alignments: Unaligned

Called the “Green Lord” by the elves and woodfolk, Florian is the God of Plants. Forests and grasslands are his domain, as well as anywhere that nature is allowed to grow. He dislikes cities and stone buildings, where nature cannot grow, but does not actively seek to destroy these blights on his realm. Many herbalists and woodsman honor him, taking only what they need from his realm. Hunters also pray to him to ease their passing while stalking. Florian commands his followers to:

  • Protect and cherish nature
  • Take only what is needed from his realm
  • Punish those who would plunder his domain for their own gain


Alignments: Unaligned


Alignments: Unaligned

Also known as the Peacekeeper, the God of Wisdom and Peace represents all balance. He is not considered a ‘good’ god; since he speaks in whatever manner is the wisest of choices. While he does not condone war, he holds that conflict is sometimes necessary to preserve the ultimate balance. His followers come from a wide range of people, as everyone needs guidance to keep peace in their lives. Galanor has little he requires from his worshipers, but his commandments include:

  • be wise in your actions. Contemplate each action before taking it
  • Avoid conflict where possible
  • where conflict is necessary, keep it to the minimum, and always seek peaceful means to end it


Alignments: Unaligned


Alignments: Chaotic Good, Unaligned, Chaotic Unaligned


Alignments: Unaligned


Alignments: Lawful Good, Good, Chaotic Good

Beyond the Gods

Few mortals think much about the divine realm except when praying to the gods. But the gods are not the only denizens of this Realm. When Malorel, the Lord of Dreams, first formed the Immortal Realm, many unique and bedazzling creatures sprang into being from within his consciousness. These beings, while not truly immortal, cannot be destroyed by any mortal means. Only the powers of the gods or Chaos can kill them.

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Imlaes, the Immortal Realm

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