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Located in the center of the Five Kingdoms, Etherea is the kingdom filled with magic and wonder. Surrounded on all sides by the Dendrith Mountains, it is nearly impossible to invade. Many foreigners who enter Etherea find themselves captivated by the majestic kingdom and reluctant to leave. Many legends hold that Etherea is where humanity was born, and that the fabled Well of Dreams lies somewhere in the kingdom’s reaches.

Key Geography

Etherea is protected by both the Dendrith Mountains and the Enchanted Wood. The Dendrith Mountains are harsh and difficult to cross over, making them a better defense than any wall. The Enchanted Wood is as magical as it is mysterious. Travelers wishing to make it safely to through its reaches must hire a special guide to lead them along the treacherous paths beneath the trees. A vast plain takes up the center of the kingdom, with Lake Toraliin dominating the center. Located on a huge island on the upper level of the lake is the capital city of Araniae, where the Queen of Etherea rules her kingdom.

Araniae, the City of Dreams

Located in the very heart of Etherea, Araniae is famous for its majestic beauty. Designed like a wagon’s wheel, it has seven distinct sections, called Districts, contain within the city’s walls. The dominating features of the city are the hollow mountain known as the Dragon Nest, and the Ethereal Spire.

Royal District

Market District

Temple District

Dragon District

Magic District

Dream Gardens

Poor District

The Outer Ring

The Catacombs

The Enchanted Wood

C’Oros Bal

C’Oros Diin

C’Oros Mialga

The Ruins of Maloria

The Well of Dreams

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